Selch & Co. is a furniture company that takes seriously the concept of longevity and agelessness. Founded by Gregory Selch and Rhett Butler, it seeks to showcase pieces of unique quality and artistic impact; in other words, furniture and lighting that will endure, physically and aesthetically, through the decades. It is an idea whose time has come. The same iconic designs—many of which are now almost three-quarters-of-a-century old—continue to occupy prime space in contemporary private homes, museums and other public spaces. Selch & Co. works in tandem with well-known and yet-to-be-discovered architects, designers and artists with the aim of creating the next wave of important furniture.

The company makes its debut with architect and designer Brendon Farrell’s exclusive 2005 collection of benches, tables, and mirrors. And with good reason: Farrell’s furniture perfectly embodies Selch & Co.’s design and production philosophy. His walnut-and-bronze pieces, at once minimalist yet richly organic, combine exciting design with modern manufacturing techniques and remarkable workmanship.

The final result: furniture that is beautifully conceived, constructed and finished to age gracefully over time while retaining its intrinsic personality.